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Triple O-Zone Technology

Mission Statement

We founded Triple O-Zone Technologies for the purpose of helping our community combat the spread of infectious disease. The rampant spread of COVID-19 has greatly increased the demand for certified professional cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting services. T.O.T. uses cutting edge products and techniques and we believe that by aggressively combatting infectious pathogens will lead to safer healthier environments for our citizens and communities.

Triple O-Zone Technology

We Eliminate Virus & Bacteria
Educating our clients on the dangers and consequences that viral outbreaks have is our number one priority. T.O.T teaches and helps our customers devise and implement an “Infectious Disease Protocol (IDP).” Having a well-planned IDP is essential for maintaining the safety and productivity of your site, employees, and clients. A clear IDP gives your staff, clients, and community the peace of mind knowing you are safeguarding their health.
Infection Prevention Expert
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Triple O-Zone Technology is bonded, experienced and certified.